Local cemeteries

Historical Gravestones

gravestones in niagara-on-the-lake
gravestones in niagara-on-the-lake
gravestones in niagara-on-the-lake

The many communities that make up the Town each have a local cemetery dating back to the earliest history. Some are town owned, many are church owned, and some were originally private family burial grounds. Because of the decay and damage to many of the oldest stones in these cemeteries, we fear the loss of history through these permanent records of founding families. The preservation of these stones was recognized by the original mandate of The Foundation, and so it is a slow but continuing project for us.

Some of the gravestones of interest (some of which have been preserved or restored) include:

  • Mary Ball Servos gravestone, Servos Family Graveyard
  • Martha Ann Corus gravestone, Virgil Methodist Church Graveyard
  • Joseph Brown/Rebecca Johnson gravestone, Field Graveyard
  • George Reed gravestone, Homer Graveyard
  • Marie Devaux gravestone, St. David’s United Church
William Steward House

507 Butler Street

St. Mark’s Rectory

41 Byron Street

Foghorn House

99 River Beach Road

William Gollop House

118 Queen Street

Historical Gravestones

Local cemeteries

St. Andrew’s Church Steeple

323 Simcoe Street at Gage Street

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